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Why ETQ Is Buckling Up And Heading To Texas

David Bolton
by David Bolton on Tue, May 14, 2019


ASQ's annual conference is an event that ETQ looks forward to every year.

With over seven decades of experience behind it, the annual ASQ World Conference on Quality and Management is one of the standout events in the quality calendar. Attracting more than 2,500 attendees, the Fort Worth-based conference is ASQ’s flagship event, mixing three days of workshops, training sessions, real-life applications and live demos, with the requisite networking opportunities and the chance to learn about the latest developments in quality management.

As the “global voice of quality,” ASQ certifications are a prized asset for both individuals and companies alike. Product quality is something that every organization should already be aware of, and ASQ has (once again) assembled a plethora of industry experts and thought leaders to speak at its global conference. Factor in an exhibit hall with 126 exhibitors and it should come as no surprise that the ETQ team is looking forward to packing our bags and heading to Texas for a few days.

Two ETQ speakers, one awesome ETQ booth

ETQ’s Chief Technology Officer Morgan Palmer and Senior Director of Solution Architects Glen Fraser will be speaking in Fort Worth, with Palmer co-presenting a session on supply chain quality with Wabtec-owned GE Transportation’s senior manager of data and analytics Sara Hanks.

Fraser will be in the live arena demoing ETQ’s Reliance Software-as-a-Service solution, while there will be a full pit crew on hand at the ETQ booth – Booth 601 - to help answer questions, give demos and distribute themed swag.

“The ASQ conference is something we look forward to every year,” said Palmer. “It provides a great opportunity for us to connect with our customers, quality stakeholders, companies looking to adopt a QMS solution and peers to discuss the greatest challenges and opportunities facing the quality management industry today.”

Issues arising from supply chain quality is a well-trodden pain path for ETQ’s customers, Palmer said.

Palmer's presentation with Hanks – “Supply Chain Quality in the Real World: Business Impacts and Challenges” – will cover a variety of insights and real-world examples of quality control and efficiency, including the cost of supplier quality issues, tips for reducing the cost of supplier audits, supplier collaboration and where the supply chain fits into the quality journey itself. In addition, Hanks will provide attendees with real-life examples of why the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is a vital cog in the supply chain machine.

“Ensuring supply chain quality is a key focus for our customers,” Palmer said. “We look forward to presenting alongside GE Transportation about the ways in which a sophisticated approach to quality management can drive operational improvements. We plan to demonstrate this with real-world examples that showcase the benefits of using an advanced QMS solution.”

Both ETQ-helmed presentations take place on Monday, May 20. Fraser hits the stage first, and his Reliance demo is scheduled for 10 a.m. Palmer and Hanks will be live in the afternoon at 3 p.m. – Room 100, Session M39 - with the session expected to last for an hour. All times are in Central Daylight Time.

Quality Creates Value

As we highlighted above, ETQ is bringing a full crew to the 2019 ASQ conference.

Booth 601 will be staffed throughout the event, and there will be a chance to win signed NASCAR memorabilia as we continue to drive home the message of why quality creates value. People who come to our booth can also walk away with a pair of our limited-edition ETQ socks, while there will be bowls of M&Ms available for those who need a sweet treat in between conference sessions.

The ETQ Blog will be on-site in Fort Worth, with our in-house reporter wearing out his shoe leather on the conference floor to find thought leadership and the quality-related themes or topics that matter.

So, there you have it, ETQ is coming to the ASQ party. Two presentations by ETQers, one awesome exhibit and meeting space – Booth 601 on the show floor – and a full crew. And while we can’t promise to be wearing Stetsons, we will be bringing the joy of socks with us to the Lone Star State.

ETQ is a global leader in quality management solutions, counting more than 550 global customers across sectors such as heavy industry, electronics, food and beverage, and medical devices. ETQ ‘s software is a vital part of the quality management process, allowing brands to enhance their reputations and enhance profitability.

To find out more about how ETQ can drive value in your quality journey, then please contact us. Alternatively, feel free to reach out for a product demonstration.

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