Why Now is the Time for a QMS

With supply chain and inflation challenges lingering and ongoing economic uncertainty, businesses are being more careful with their investments. The truth is, smart investments are necessary to help mitigate these economic headwinds. The C-suite will continue to invest in solutions, such as an advanced Quality Management System (QMS), that reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide significant ROI.

According to PwC’s 2023 Digital Trends in Supply Chain Survey, 51% of respondents said optimizing costs was a top objective when investing in technology for their supply chains.

Join PwC Sr. Manager Bruce Keisler and ETQ VP of Product Marketing David Isaacson to learn:

  • What investments organizations are making and why
  • How an advanced QMS reduces cost, increases efficiency and provides a compelling ROI
  • How to win approval for a QMS purchase
  • Real ROI that organizations have realized from a QMS and how to conduct your own analysis
  • Why leading organizations invest in challenging times to further extend their competitive advantage
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