Connected Quality: Operational Excellence from the Shop Floor to the Top Floor 

Achieving optimal product quality requires an integrated and data-driven quality management system (QMS) throughout the value chain – from design and manufacturing to shipping and distribution to customer support. Learn from experienced quality pros how to manage these complex and interconnected business processes to lower the cost of poor quality, optimize supply chain quality, and deliver quality and safety at scale.  

Join Bruce Keisler, Senior Manager, Operations and Transformation at PwC, and Angela Anderson, Product Marketing Manager at ETQ for an informative 45-minute discussion on:  

  • The role of advanced QMS technology in helping companies deliver consistent levels of quality while maximizing human and financial resources.  
  • Current industrial workforce dynamics and the game-changing potential of connected worker technology to enable shop floor worker participation in continual improvement.  
  • How a connected quality ecosystem streamlines and enhances quality, safety, maintenance and operations, as well as workforce engagement and retention.  


keisler.bruce.color-1  Bruce Keisler, senior manager, operations transformation, PwC

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anderson.angela-1  Angela Anderson, product marketing manager, ETQ

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