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ETQ Recognized as “Best in Category” in Quality Management Software

ETQ was awarded "Best in Category" for quality management software by FeaturedCustomers in the firm's Spring 2020 market...

Chris Nahil
By Chris Nahil
on Tue, May 19, 2020
Audits in the Time of Coronavirus

In a time of staff displacement, quality audits can be done virtually with some creativity, planning and technology!

Nick Metrakos
By Nick Metrakos
on Wed, Mar 25, 2020
Top 5 Steps to Prepare for Hosting a Successful Quality Audit

We often hear, a picture is worth a thousand words, but we forget that a word is worth a thousand feelings. In just one word...

Nick Metrakos
By Nick Metrakos
on Thu, Feb 13, 2020
How To Map Your QMS To EU MDR Requirements


The EU's revision of medical device legislation was long overdue ... but what is the impact?

Rachel Beavins Tracy
By Rachel Beavins Tracy
on Fri, May 31, 2019
Buckle Up, The ETQ Blog Is Back

Guess who's back, back again ... the blog's back, tell a friend. 

David Bolton
By David Bolton
on Wed, May 01, 2019
ETQ: New Home, New C-Suite, Same Focus on Quality, EHS and Compliance Management

Since its founding in 1992, ETQ has set the standard for delivering best-in-class quality, EHS and compliance management...

Rob Gremley
By Rob Gremley
on Wed, Dec 05, 2018
4 Ways to Leverage Data for Operational Excellence

Data can be a gift and a curse when it comes to operational excellence. For some companies, ineffective practices make data...

Rachel Beavins Tracy
By Rachel Beavins Tracy
on Thu, Aug 16, 2018

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