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The Art of Choosing Your Compliance System—and How I Related that to My Fitness Journey

Emily Ysaguirre
by Emily Ysaguirre on Wed, Nov 11, 2015

The Art of Choosing Your Compliance System—and How I Related that to My Fitness Journey

Recently, I decided to make it a goal to become more active. As I was getting bored with the same old gym routine, I wanted a fresh start. I decided to try something new during the week, like the challenge of CrossFit. With this in mind, I decided there was no better way to set goals and seek improvement than by introducing a fitness tracker to the mix. When looking into which one would be best for my lifestyle, I was reminded of how many organizations begin their search for a Compliance Management System.

There are some similarities—similar because they track everyday activities and ultimately help increase productivity—albeit the goal of the fitness tracker is to getting you to do more work to be productive, whereas the Compliance System frees you up to do other things and be more productive in other areas. But I digress.  They are both intuitive, cost-effective and provide quick and immediate reports.  

When looking into the fitness tracker that was best for me, I realized that the questions I was asking were similar to that of what someone would ask when determining whether or not a Compliance Management Software System is a good fit for their organization.  

For example, I questioned “What are my long term goals?” and “What has this tool allowed other people to achieve?”

Here’s where the compliance system can help meet your goals.

The overlying benefits of the Compliance Management system will simplify the day to day processes throughout your enterprise. You will save time and resources when it comes to common processes such corrective action, risk management, employee training and more. Automation will provide you with a standardized, consistent method of conducting these processes, and the system’s ability to scale will accommodate the addition of new sites in the future.

The Compliance System is becoming accessible to organizations of all sizes, due to cost-effective deployment methods, such as the cloud. It can provide enterprise-level functionality for the small to mid-sized business. Flexibility, scalability, visibility and a cloud-based deployment option are signs that this system will provide long-term value for your organization and result in measurable return on investment. The system’s built-in processes will simplify your organization’s common business processes, allowing you to take productivity to a higher level by simplifying your daily processes. 

The result is a fast, intuitive and holistic system that is not just easy to use, but also cost effective. 

As far as the search for my fitness tracker? By asking the right questions, I was able to find the best device to meet my specific goals.

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Emily Ysaguirre
Written by Emily Ysaguirre
Emily Ysaguirre is the Content Marketing Coordinator at EtQ, Inc.
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