Quality Management Webinar: Real World Insight from an Expert
Best Practices, Lessons Learned from a Quality Leader & Auditor

Many organizations rely on paper-based processes to manage their quality.  How do they know if an automated solution might be better for them?  Join Nick Metrakos, Solutions Consultant at ETQ, former Quality Manager at 2 leading organizations and Auditor to learn if there is a better way for your organization and how to get started.

From building a business case to best practices for implementation, Nick will share lessons-learned to help you maximize the benefit of a QMS in your organization. Nick will also share some insights from his experience as an auditor and answer your questions.

Join us to learn:

  • A comparison of paper based quality processes vs. automation
  • How to evaluate whether a QMS solution makes sense for you
  • How to build a business case for QMS software
  • Proven ways to reduce auditing findings
  • What to look for in a QMS solution

NickMetrakos-1Nick Metrakos, Solutions Consultant, recently joined ETQ as a Solutions Consultant. Prior to joining ETQ, Nick was an ETQ customer for 5 years. From the purchasing process, to implementation, to the rollout of Reliance, he is excited to share best practices across this lifecycle to help organizations improve their quality processes.

Also as an experienced auditor for 8 years, Nick has seen the pitfalls from companies across many industries where an effective QMS could have reduced audit findings. Nick completed his degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of South Carolina and is a certified Lead Auditor (BSI) for the ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Iaacson_D(LG)David Isaacson, Senior Director, Product Marketing has over 25 years experience in software product marketing and product management. David has successfully brought SaaS products to market for a variety of industries and high-growth companies. He has worked for software companies such as Anaqua, VFA/Accruent, and Oracle, where he led the product management team responsible for integrating analytics into the Oracle database.

Quality Management Webinar