Managing Unexpected or Unplanned Events

Many organizations struggle with tracking, trending and investigating unplanned events or deviations that impact the quality, performance, safety or reliability of their products. Often there is little to no visibility into the full impact that a deviation or event may have on an organization’s business or risk to their product. Without that visibility, organizations put their overall quality of the product at risk and impact their brand reputation.

Learn how the new Quality Events application from ETQ provides a standard process for investigating an event to ensure each investigation is performed consistently and in a timely manner, following a defined workflow, reducing risk and cost. Also see where Quality Events fits as one of the major components in a complete strategy for managing for planned and unplanned incidents. You’ll understand how a total solution can help address the risk of deviations and other events, leverage nonconformance reporting, and identify when corrective actions need to be taken.

You’ll learn:

  • The benefits of managing unplanned events or deviations in one place
  • The wide range of events you can more easily manage
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