RFP (Request for Proposal) Template QMS Software

To ensure success with your investment in QMS software, it is important that you evaluate and prioritize the most relevant criteria to meet your organization’s needs in both the software solution and the vendor company you choose to partner with.

ETQ created this Request for Proposal (RFP) template for Quality Management System (QMS) software based on 30 years of experience responding to Request for Proposals and deploying solutions for over 600 customers. The RFP is a structured document that allows you to compare and evaluate the various proposals you receive.

About the RFP template:

  • This Excel file contains an extensive list of QMS software features and vendor attributes that you can customize to match the needs of your organization.
  • It includes the most critical areas that Quality professionals need to manage, including document control, corrective actions, and training management.
  • And you can further tailor the RFP for your own requirements, thus building a comprehensive approach to evaluating and selecting the solution that be meets your needs.
LP_RFP Template_excel