QMS Integration with ERP, MES, CRM, PLM
Supercharge Quality Management with Automated Integration

When your quality management system (QMS) can be easily integrated with your key software systems including ERP, PLM, MES and CRM, information can flow freely between these platforms to create a closed loop system of continuous improvement. QMS data, while extremely useful on its own, can be supercharged when integrated with your other data sources so that you can:  

  • Access quality data in real time.  
  • React to quality events promptly.  
  • Eliminate manual data collection and analysis processes.  
  • Produce more valuable metrics within a broader organizational context.  

Join QMS experts to learn how this closed loop solution ultimately results in higher ROI from all your systems, working together to generate and analyze the data, ultimately driving long term improvement. This leads to faster problem resolution and new product introduction – which ultimately results in higher quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty and improved brand perception. 



Stephen Fischer, Product Analyst, ETQ, has implemented the software for over 9 years across multiple markets and technologies. His work has taken him deep into the business processes, system functionalities, and planning (strategy and tactics) necessary for successful ETQ Reliance implementations.  His work aims at creating the best product experience possible for current and future ETQ customers. 

weingartner.markMark Weingartner, Implementation Consultant, ETQ, has over twenty years of experience in the semiconductor industry working in quality as a Global Quality Systems Manager and Solutions Architect/Software Developer for EQMS.  As product quality became a highlighted market differentiator, he recognized the need to move to a wholistic enterprise quality management system.  That realization ultimately led to the implementation of ETQ Reliance.  Since his introduction to the platform, his prior organization was able to automate the organization's quality management system and Mark is excited to assist new or existing customers in this journey of continuous improvement.


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