30 Minute ETQ Webinar: 
What Does "Quality Analytics" Really Mean?
Going Beyond Daily Quality Metrics

You track your quality daily with defined metrics. You measure your performance against these metrics daily, weekly and beyond, and when you spot a problem, you take action to understand the problem and define a resolution.

This approach certainly allows you to react to specific issues and make sure your quality is where you expect it to be. But how can you take a longer view? How can you address systemic issues that may not be obvious for any individual event?

Learn how you can change the way you look at the quality data in your QMS. Leverage integrated analytics dashboards dedicated to quality management, like those in ETQ Insights, to unlock operational insights, identify trends and make data-based decisions. Or take the data from ETQ Insights and include it in your organization’s analytics strategy.

Join this short, 30 minute session to learn how to:

  • Unlock operational insights, identify trends and drive continuous improvement
  • Make daily and long-term decisions based on quality data to ensure operational quality
  • Quickly analyze data through ready-to-use dashboards based on best practices
  • Integrate quality analytics data with your organization’s analytics strategy

Why attend:

  • Learn the benefits of using an integrated analytics platform within a QMS
  • See a live demo of the ETQ Insights
  • Get a glimpse of the future and how analytics will allow you to drive continuous improvement

Iaacson_D(LG)David Isaacson, Senior Director, Product Marketing has over 25 years experience in software product marketing and product management. David has successfully brought SaaS products to market for a variety of industries and high-growth companies. He has worked for software companies such as Anaqua, VFA/Accruent, and Oracle, where he led the product management team responsible for integrating analytics into the Oracle database.

glen2019-1Glen Fraser, Senior Director Product Management, ETQ has worked in software technology for over 30 years and with ETQ for 20 of those years. A Programmer Analyst by training, he helps organizations achieve operational excellence by understanding and deploying the power of ETQ Reliance into the IT landscape. Glen resides in Nova Scotia, Canada.

What Does Quality Analytics Really Mean?