How Purple Sleeps Better with Streamlined Document Control, CAPA and Nonconformances

Many organizations start their quality process automation journey with document control to easily identify, control and track all their documented processes and procedures in a centralized and secure location.  However, some teams have specific needs that don’t always fit an out-of-box solution.  

Purple is growing rapidly in the hyper competitive mattress market by focusing on innovation and quality with significant results, including a #1 rating in customer satisfaction by JD Power for 2 years in a row.    

Join Anna Cook, Quality Systems Manager at Purple, as she shares how they have automated quality processes at Purple with a solution that combined standard out of the box software with highly configured applications adapted to meet their unique needs.    

You’ll also learn: 

  • The quality and business benefits Purple achieved through automated document control 
  • Purple’s decision-making process for deploying out-of-the-box applications versus configured solutions 
  • Best practices and lessons learned in the Purple quality journey 
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