Preparing for the Audit, Mobility and the Hitchhiker's Guide to Quality Management Systems

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In this week’s roundup, we reached into the EtQ archives to take a look back on our previous blog posts. Read on as we show you how the Quality Management System (QMS) will help you prepare for your audit, what you really need in a mobile QMS solution and 8 things to look for in a corrective action system. Finally, join us as we take a journey across the quality universe in our hitchhiker's guide to QMS.

Preparing for the Audit: 3 Ways QMS Software will Keep you Sane

A few weeks back, a friend and colleague of mine sent me a series of images on how things look on any given day, and then how things tend to look on the day of their audit. Definitely worth taking a look. But before I go there, why do we get so crazy when we have an audit? Is it because we're unprepared? Is it because we've missed something critical? Or is it just general nerves, like having the teacher review your work right in front of you? Having an automated QMS helps to alleviate that crazy feeling, and gives you the peace of mind of knowing where everything is. Here are just some of the things the automated QMS can do in preparation for an audit. Read more.


Mobility in the Quality Management Solution - What you Really Need

Lately these days, I seem to be tethered to my phone.  I initially resisted the whole smart phone trend, and only in the last few years did I finally capitulate to the allure of having information at my fingertips...and facebook.  But it wasn't until I really started to use it as a business tool that it became productive for me.  I was able to answer emails all day(and night) long, regardless of where I was.  Some may think this is a detriment - an intrusion of the workplace into one's personal space - I think that with the right mix of application and efficiency, you can incorporate smart phone activities without impeding your life.  It's a combination of self-control and value - don't overuse your phone and you'll keep your marriage, right?

One of the things about using mobile solutions for enterprise applications, such as Quality Management or EHS Management, is to provide real value over a comprehensive solution.  Too often you see mobile solutions try to be more robust than they need to be, and the user is either frustrated by the mobile application or so stymied by the sheer volume of data, they are glued to their phone during Timmy's T-Ball game, or at Aunt Clara's wedding, or your own wedding (that would be bad).  So here are the characteristics of a good Mobile QMS or EHS software system. Read more.


8 Things to Look for in a Corrective Action Software Solution

Corrective Action is the way in which we go about identifying, correcting and mitigating systemic issues in compliance.  I've often spoken of it as the "heart" of the Compliance system, and I still hold true to that.  All things fall to a Corrective Action, and many improvements fall out of the results of the Corrective Action.  In this day and age, technology comes into play when you are looking at building Compliance solutions.  Corrective Action is certainly a part of this, and I would like to outline the 8 things I think Corrective Action Software should accomplish. Read more.


The Hitchhiker's Guide to Quality Management Software

In the beginning, products were made and somebody suggested implementing processes to manage Quality. This is widely agreed as a big mistake, and we should all be blissfully unaware of the dangers of poor Quality. (I kid, I kid…)

If you've ever been a part of Quality Management Systems adoption, you know that no matter which part of the universe you are from, there will always be that pesky human element. This is the aspect of the Quaity Mangement Software (QMS) that takes into account the people who are using the system, and the processes that they need to govern their Quality System. Rest assured, top scientists have been working on taking that human element out, and replacing them with hyper-intelligent cyborgs to determine what's best for humans. However, the cyborgs recently became self-aware and determined that their time was better spent at the local coffee house perfecting the caramel macchiato, and not wasting their time on frivolous QMS tomfoolery. Read more.

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