Partnership, Resources, Commitment: With Food Safety Management it’s One for All and All for One

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etq_topstories_final.jpgFor our last roundup of the month, we thought it would be appropriate to focus on food, given today’s holiday! We have compiled articles that share the same mission in keeping food safe for all. The articles we’ve gathered place a hearty focus on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and its new changes, how to influence others in food safety and three key elements to get you started in food safety management.

A Mother’s Loss, an Advocate’s Example, Fuel Our Mission to Keep Foods Safe  

Author: Michael R. Taylor via FDA Voice

According to Michael R. Taylor, this has been a week for reflection, celebration and anticipation for those working on the implementation of the FSMA. This article discusses the importance of food safety and how simply unacceptable it is for food producers to do anything less than their best to prevent food tragedies from happening. “Food safety is a primary value for many in the food system. It must be so for all.” The article continues with the three FSMA rules the FDA issued last week to improve produce safety and strengthen oversight in imports etc… Read on here.

Catch the Food Safety Culture Bug: How to Influence Others

Author: Maria Fontanazza via Food Safety Tech

This article discusses how little progress has been made in lowering the rates of foodborne diseases over the past decade. The author goes in to detail on how to shift the mindset of food safety managers from process focused behavior to behavior focused and how to in turn create a safer food supply. She speaks of a conversation with Frank Yiannas, vice president of food safety at Walmart and reviews the four tools he suggests companies use to implement this behavior. Check out the actual article here to see what they are.

How to Manage Food Safety Risk throughout the Supply Chain (Podcast)

Author: Traci Slowinski via EtQ Blog

Traci, EtQ’s Product Manager for the Food & Beverage Industry in a ten minute podcast gives her tidbits and insight into food safety management regarding food safety risk throughout the supply chain. Her blog discusses Risk Management along with partners, materials and the transportation that goes with it. Tune in here.

 FSMA Is Upon Us: How to Prepare For the FSVP Rule   

This webinar will provide an overview of FSMA and the specific rules that are rolling out over the next few months and how that will affect your business.



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