Key Changes in ISO 9001:2015

How They Lay the Groundwork for Automated Solutions that Simplify Compliance & Quality Management

ISO 9001:2015 brought with it a mindset shift. While the requirements are still there, the 2015 revisions encourage organizations to focus on the final goal: delivering consistent quality to customers through people and processes. The flexibility inherent in those changes laid the groundwork for integrating technology configured to work with a particular organization’s processes and workflows.

Technology can handle the tedious, repetitive tasks, freeing your people to focus on how to make your business -- and its quality management program -- even better.

Read this whitepaper for a review of how the 2015 updates to the standard:

  • Helps plan for quality management
  • Promotes quality as an organization-wide responsibility
  • Encourages a risk management mindset
  • Identifies training employees need to prioritize quality at their organization
  • Turns processes into execution and traceability
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