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How is Cloud Deployment like Buying a New Car

Emily Ysaguirre
by Emily Ysaguirre on Wed, Jan 07, 2015

How Does Cloud Deployment Relate to Buying a New Car?

Choosing a cloud-based software provider is very similar to buying a new car. The situation may seem rather stressful in itself, given that there are many options to pick and choose from. More often than not, the quality of the car is the number one priority. You want the car that is going to give you the most for your money. You also want choices that will align with your ultimate goal. For example, for some, the most important feature could be the shared space of a family orientated vehicle such as a Toyota Sienna minivan. For others, the most important feature could be the amount of horsepower and torque output the car withholds, i.e., the speed and performance, which can be found in a Chevrolet Corvette.

When purchasing a new car, the potential buyer has certain expectations in mind, which can be likened to those of a business that is looking to purchase cloud-based software.

Goals when Purchasing Cloud-Based Solutions Goals when Purchasing a New Car
  • Securing data
  • Securing the passengers
  • Flexibility to allow room for growth
  • Flexibility in featured options
  • Speed and performance level
  • Speed and performance level

Cloud-based delivery models do not require individual fees for hardware, licensing support and administration. All that is required is a monthly fee for use of the software. The enterprise market had changed since the emergence of cloud deployment. You can now obtain an enterprise solution for a lower cost, which is this pay as you go type of arrangement (similar to financing a new car). This is just one of the many benefits of deploying your Quality Management System (QMS) in the cloud.

Other benefits include:

  • No limitation on expansion

  • Simplified bandwidth requirements

  • Accessibility by Web browser from anywhere in the world  

The cloud has become a popular deployment method because it manages what can otherwise be intensive tasks, such as maintaining hardware, managing upgrades or promotions and keeping connectivity or executing backups. In other words?  It lessens the burden on your internal IT resources. It allows for a more focused business place because employees can concentrate more on the business and less on the software.

It is important to recognize that all cloud solutions are not created equal. With the decision to deploy your QMS in the cloud comes two options—the multi-tenant or dedicated solution.

Gain flexibility and scalability with the dedicated solution: The dedicated solution provides a multitude of benefits. It is built on the platform that maximizes performance with a Web browser, while overall increasing bandwidth and memory based on individual environment. This solution allows the environment to be shaped and allows as much growth as needed to reflect individuality—all without sacrificing any functionality. The dedicated solution has the advantage of allowing the user to choose when an upgrade will take place—no surprises here!

 Let’s consider this option to be the “bells and whistles” package when purchasing a new car.

Or… keep it basic with the multi-tenant solution: At one time, multi-tenancy was considered the only way to go.  However, it offers a shared database for volume users in a single environment, meaning you’re sharing your cloud with everyone else. The downfall in this solution is that users will not have capability to configure their environment because it is shared. Bandwidth is also shared, so there is a chance of sacrificing functionality over speed and upgrades are done automatically, so you risk an upgrade occurring at an inopportune time.

The multi-tenant solution can be considered the standard new car package (with no extras added.)

When deciding which solution may be best for your company, try relating the multi-tenant solution to the standard Toyota Sienna, and the dedicated solution to the  faster, quite exceptional Chevy Corvette. The Sienna may be exactly what is needed a family to host several people, whereas the Corvette may be perfect for a single individual looking for flexibility and speed! 

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Emily Ysaguirre
Written by Emily Ysaguirre
Emily Ysaguirre is the Content Marketing Coordinator at EtQ, Inc.
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