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How Does Quality 4.0 Fit into My Quality Plan

Alexa Sussman
by Alexa Sussman on Thu, Aug 30, 2018

quality_iconsA major misconception about Quality 4.0 is that it is meant to completely replace your current quality management practices.

However, a successful Quality 4.0 keeps traditional quality practices, but uses analytics and digital connectivity to optimize processes. As long as existing processes are centralized and efficient, they will benefit from Quality 4.0 initiatives.

Here are some examples of how Quality 4.0 can fit into your existing quality management plans.


Companies can use new connectivity, data and analytics capabilities to improve existing manufacturing processes. By connecting the end product, quality testing can be conducting during production which eliminates previously undetected nonconforming or failed products from reaching customers.

Supplier Quality Management

Companies can launch manufacturing strategies with cloud capabilities, Big Data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve tracking of supplier performance. These tools can help organizations predict downtime and quality issues before they happen.

This allows companies to identify issues with suppliers even before the suppliers themselves do, enhancing conforming material processes and positively impacting supplier risk profiles.

Customer Complaints

Companies can leverage augmented reality and smart devices to gather more information during customer complaints in real-time, virtually. This leads to quicker root cause investigation and resolution of the issue.

Companies can also reduce customer complaints by adding sensors to equipment and applying machine learning analytics to equipment. That way, they can quickly identify failures, predict when a failure would occur or schedule maintenance as needed.


Quality Management Software providers should be able to deliver preconfigured solutions as well as configurable solutions to meet customer needs. This lets users have complete control over their processes while aligning with strategic objectives and digitalization initiatives.

Closing Thoughts

These are just a few examples of how Quality 4.0 can help leaders improve their quality practices. There are many innovative solutions and strategies that leaders should educate themselves on to build the best possible strategy for the application of Quality 4.0 in their organization.

Quality 4.0: Get Educated, Get Involved, and Build a Successful Strategy

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