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How a Training Management System Can Help You Pick the Best Pumpkin this Fall

Emily Ysaguirre
by Emily Ysaguirre on Fri, Oct 23, 2015

How a Training Management System Can Help You Pick the Best Pumpkin this Fall

There are tons of fun fall activities! Whether it’s peeping at the beautiful colors of the leaves, going for a hayride, enjoying fall treats or (my favorite)… pumpkin picking!

Pumpkin picking is my favorite activity because it's not only fun, but it makes for a great decoration too. When selecting your pumpkin, you might consider how to leverage the traits of a Quality Management System’s (QMS) Employee Training module to ensure you’ll get the best pumpkin.

In a past post, we discussed the top traits to look for in a training management system.  Here, we’ll consider how training management applies to picking the pumpkin that’s perfect for you.

You may want to paint, carve or just use it as a decoration.  In which case there are certain qualities you should consider when beginning your hunt.  Here are some of my tips for picking the perfect pumpkin—and how they align with the traits of en effective training management system:

  • For starters, pumpkins come in many different forms. They are completely different in their shapes, sizes and colors and what you pick is entirely based on preference. However, for the best decoration it helps to look for one that is bright in color without any blemishes. This way it is guaranteed a longer life.

Just like pumpkins come in many different options, so do training management systems. Look for one that is able to link      with other quality modules, such as reporting, to give you visibility into how well your training program is working and what needs to be improved.

  • Second, take the stem into account. It may seem like it’s unnecessary, but definitely try to look for a pumpkin that has a dark and sturdy stem. This is not only good for when you’re lugging it back to the car, but will make for a jack-o-lantern worthy pumpkin!

When it comes to training management within your organization, look for one that is backed by a QMS that is flexible enough to continue to meet your changing needs. Whether it’s changes to the forms, fields or even adjustments to color and style—make sure that you can mold the system to your company.

  • Third, avoid the ones with soft spots! This means that the pumpkin is rotting from the inside out. Believe me that would not make for a good lasting pumpkin! Plus it would be extremely difficult to carve.

While training management systems may seem similar on paper, the best way to see its value is to try it for yourself.  In doing so, you will be assured that the system does everything you expect it to…and more.

In terms of quality, these are your basic training guidelines to selecting the perfect pumpkin. Now, a bonus for after you’ve picked your pumpkin….

If you’re looking to get more specific than the guidelines above, pick a pumpkin with a surface that is easy to carve. One that is flat on the bottom and round on top makes for a great final piece.

Next, you will need to clean your pumpkin with a towel. Once it is clean you will want to check the thickness of your pumpkin to determine the right knife to use. A cheap folding knife is not going to be your best bet and you don’t want to use a butcher’s knife. In fact, just like they say in three little pigs, “but this one fits just right.” You will need a short sharp knife just about a few inches long.

Remove the stem and scoop it out. Pick your design (unless you’ve had it in mind from the start) and make your mark. Start carving. You can use tape to allow the paper to stick to the pumpkin while you’re working and pins to reattach pieces that may have fallen off that should still be attached. Lastly, they say you can spray lemon juice and water on the pumpkin to preserve it and keep it looking fresh. That’s it! You’re ready to light your pumpkin and place it in the window! Use a bright flame or flameless candle to allow it stand out to trick or treaters!

Training can take place in many different forms and can be applied in instances such as pumpkin picking. I hope you’ll make use of these tips and apply them on your next pumpkin picking adventure.

In the business world, the training system ensures that training is recorded, consistent, and effective, providing an excellent way to guarantee a job well done the first time around.  

It is important to practice efficient training to engage users and allow them to completely understand what needs to be done to result in the best outcome. Linking training with testing is in an efficient method, because it provides tangible results that training was successful (in our pumpkin scenario, try to hold a contest to see whose pumpkin came out the best!).

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Emily Ysaguirre
Written by Emily Ysaguirre
Emily Ysaguirre is the Content Marketing Coordinator at EtQ, Inc.
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