Tackling the Cost of Poor Quality: Strategies and Solutions in Modern Quality Management

The ‘cost of poor quality’ (COPQ) refers to the costs incurred from producing defective products that don’t meet an organization’s minimum quality standards. Modern quality management systems (QMS) can help organizations reduce the cost of poor quality by streamlining quality processes and data sharing, boosting supplier quality, and automating corrective actions and audit preparations. This helps organizations ensure that they can consistently meet customer requirements.
A leading quality management system, like ETQ Reliance, can help to reduce the cost of poor quality by easing change management, reducing operational errors, assisting in risk management, and improving supplier quality by making it easier to communicate with suppliers. 
Download this guide to learn:
  • Why data is essential for decision-making and process optimization
  • How to use a QMS as a hub to connect with various systems and suppliers
  • The reduced costs associated with reworking solutions
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