What We Can Learn From Formula E About Quality Digital Transformation 

Formula E took the world by storm when its first season landed in 2014. Not just because it was a fresh, electric take on racing, but because of the way it completely embraced digital. It was always going to be compared to Formula One, but its approach to motorsport was very different. 

Digital transformation is something many businesses are going through or will have to go through soon. The digital world we live in has a certain level of technological expectations, but the tools we have at our disposal are now more powerful than ever, too.

Changing an entire business culture might seem like a big ask, but the rewards could be huge. There’s a lot we can learn from Formula E in this respect. 

Download this quick guide to learn:

  • How Formula E engaged with fans from day one in a way that many other forms of motorsport fail to do
  • How they stepped away from an old way of doing things
  • The importance of choosing the right suppliers to work with 
  • How data drives digital transformation 
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