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EtQ Announces the Release of Verse Solutions 12.0e

Emily Ysaguirre
by Emily Ysaguirre on Mon, Dec 04, 2017

EtQ is pleased to announce the latest release of Verse Solutions, 12.0e.  Two key additions to the latest release include a Task Management tool for all compliance needs and a Promotion Tool specific to Life Sciences.

EtQ Announces the Release of Verse Solutions 12.0e

The Task Management tool was created to streamline tasks in a central location to maintain quality, safety and compliance within your organization. This tool will help users stay on top of all projects and events to ensure all tasks are completed on time. The Task Management tool will also track tasks and action items across different modules, like Document Control and Corrective Action.  

The Life Sciences Promotion tool enables users to transfer changes from development to production without manual intervention. EtQ’s Verse Solutions understands the market need for reducing human error when duplicating fields within forms. The Promotion Tool will do just that, by enabling users to transfer changes without manual intervention from one system’s environment to another.

The latest release of Verse Solutions continues to keep customer needs in mind and the latest tools are a testament to that.

Find out more about the newest release by requesting a demo below. 

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