EtQ Announces Latest Culture Ambassador Award Winners

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It’s that time again! Time to applaud the newest Culture Ambassador Award Winners, Annamarie DiMezza and Ala’ Khalil. The EtQ Culture Ambassador Award is how our company applauds employees who show exemplary performance that supports the overall organizational goals and culture of our company.

We took the time to talk to this quarter’s EtQ Culture Award winners to see what they had to say about working for EtQ. We asked them what they loved most about EtQ and what motivates them to do their best.

EtQ Announces Latest Culture Ambassador Award Winners

Annamarie said, “I love what EtQ stands for, which is customer care as well as the care of employees. Knowing that I can come to work every day and actually enjoy it makes a world of difference.”

Ala’ said, “I like the people who work at EtQ and the supportive culture of the workplace.”

When we asked Annamarie and Ala’ what makes them so customer driven, Ala’ said that although he doesn’t have direct customer interaction, he is motivated to meet the deadlines of such high-quality products and to meet the customer’s expectations.

Annamarie said that, naturally, she is driven but that she also recognizes the customer always comes first. From working in the restaurant industry to EtQ, “when you know your targets and put your all into them to get the job done, you will succeed.”

EtQ Announces Latest Culture Ambassador Award Winners

Both Annamarie and Ala’ believe that here at EtQ we are all a team and we work together to meet our customer’s needs.

We also asked each winner what their funniest moment at work was. Ala’ said, “every day has its funny moments,” but in one meeting in particular his mouse was swapped with someone else's—finding out whose was pretty comical.

Annamarie said that she’s not sure she can pin down just one moment, but that she tries to live each day with a laugh and a smile at work. She is also a part of the NY Office Fun Committee where they plan office-wide activities and share tons of laughs each month.

After congratulating Annamarie and Ala’ on their win, we wanted to see what advice they would give to potential hires or candidates. Ala’ said, “hit the ground running, until you complete your tasks.” Annamarie said, “never give up, because you are what you put your mind to. Starting a new job is never easy, but the staff and managers here are warm and welcoming and everyone is willing to help. We are a team and it shows!”

The EtQ family continues to grow with new positions opening regularly. If you share in the fascination of innovation, customer delight and flexibility then your goals align with EtQ’s and we would love to hear from you!

 Visit our careers page to learn about the positions we have available.

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