ETQ Webinar: eMDR for Life Sciences

The FDA has announced changes to their medical device reporting (MDR) standards, which go into effect February 2021. In order to remain compliant, avoid fines and continue to do business in the US without penalty, you and your team should fully understand how to comply with these changes. Are you fully prepared for the new MDR regulations?
Join Kim Wakeman of ETQ who will introduce our Life Sciences customers to our current eMDR capabilities, which allow you to submit Medical Device Reports to the FDA. In this webinar, you will learn:
  • How ETQ's eMDR capability operates
  • What configurations are required to ensure the MedWatch form is completed properly
  • Other configuration changes you can make (within the specs of eMDR)
  • How FDA acknowledgements and error notifications are handled and how you should to respond
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