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Driving Quality Forward: What You Need To Know About ETQ At ASQ

David Bolton
by David Bolton on Thu, May 16, 2019


Supplier Quality

Quality creates value and ETQ is coming to Texas to prove it. 

William Edwards Deming may not have the same celebrity status as LeBron, Springsteen, or a Kardashian, but his influence and ideas are likely to be a regular topic of conversation in Fort Worth from May 19 through May 22.

Over the next few days, more than 2,500 people will be traveling to Texas for ASQ’s 2019 World Conference on Quality and Improvement (WCQI). The conference – deemed to be the jewel in the ASQ event crown, is expected to provide attendees, speakers and exhibitors alike with all the latest tools and information that they need to continue on their own quality journeys.

ASQ has hosted an annual conference on quality since 1947, with the event (formerly known as the Annual Technical Conference) bringing together a global community of thought leaders and companies that see quality as the driving force behind business excellence and product optimization. With that in mind, the opportunity to be part of such a stellar event is one that ETQ has grabbed with both hands.

Quality Community Connections

ETQ has been part of the annual ASQ conference for well over a decade. For most of those early events, we were an on-premise software company, but as a recognized QMS SaaS leader with a significant new product release and a major ETQ customer like Wabtec-owned GE Transportation wanting to speak to the ASQ audience about the significant business results they’ve achieved, this year’s conference is a lot more special.

ETQ’s chief marketing officer Nina McIntyre is confident that the global ASQ event is the perfect platform to highlight the new user experience in the Reliance 2019 QMS solution, as well as the business impact that ETQ solutions provide. As a recent recruit to the ETQ family, she is looking forward to not only meeting customers and prospects in person, but also sharing the success stories in the industry verticals that the company serves.

“ETQ’s primary goal at the ASQ World Conference is to network and connect with quality management thought leaders,” McIntyre said. “I really enjoy the informal conversations you can have with a customer over a coffee, a shared meal, or even as you’re running from session to session. I’d like to understand our customers' priorities and hear about their long-term goals. I’ll also be comparing notes with customers and prospects on the sessions they’re attending and what topics resonate with them.”

And McIntyre will not be alone in the Lone Star State.

As we highlighted in our last ETQ Blog post – “Why ETQ Is Buckling Up And Heading To Texas” – there is a full crew heading down to Fort Worth. ETQ has two speakers on the conference schedule – CTO Morgan Palmer and senior director of Solution Architects Glen Fraser – and a 20-foot-squared NASCAR-influenced booth that will be staffed by quality experts and thought leaders. Our theme for this event is “Speed to Quality” and we have numerous case studies and brand examples that drive this customer value message home. 

As an added bonus, our soon-to-be-legendary ETQ socks will be available for attendees at Booth 601, with the swag matching our conviction that quality creates value.

Both of the ETQ-helmed presentations at the event will echo this message to attendees, irrespective of company size or industry sector.

Optimizing Quality

According to CTO Morgan Palmer, attitudes to quality have changed dramatically over the last 10 to 15 years. As regulatory and compliance standards have become more stringent and consumer awareness of poor quality has increased, there is a consensus that quality is under pressure. Companies have been forced to look at all aspects of their working practices, with the supply chain increasingly under the QMS spotlight.

“The main change is a shift from a very binary, Yes/No view of compliance to more of a risk-based view of compliance,” said Palmer, in a pre-conference interview. “The quality standards are already there and have made risk management a core tenet. Organizations are still catching up. Implementing an enterprise QMS with built-in risk management capabilities is an important step along the way.”

As a result, the need for companies to understand the value of quality has put the focus firmly on business optimization. This means that business leaders need to appreciate how quality can create value by driving consistency, accelerating growth and increasing the speed of products to market.

Taking that into account, Palmer thinks the main themes of the conference will mirror technology-based QM conversations that companies are likely having. Many of the scheduled sessions will cover evolving technology, but he sees risk-based quality, supply chain quality and advanced analytics as compelling areas of focus. In addition, the need for companies to create a Culture of Quality across their internal and external ecosystems is an element that will be directly supported by technology.

“Culture comes from action. All the SOPs and training in the world will not promote the necessary engagement,” Palmer said. “However, by converting those written SOPs into automated workflow-based processes, you will promote a consistent behavior that will ultimately translate into a more quality-oriented culture (consistency and continuous improvement being the bedrock of quality). The key is to keep the automation as simple and intuitive as possible. It needs to be simpler and vastly more powerful than paper.”

Quality Creates …

As a leading provider of quality, EHS and compliance management software, the trip to Texas gives us the chance to showcase our intuitive software product. Trusted by over 550 global brands. ETQ Reliance 2019 is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use QMS solution, that moves companies forward. With that in mind, Fort Worth is a great starting line for a quality journey.

Ultimately, risk is an inherent part of the modern world, but what matters is how you approach and mange the risk itself. When that probability is applied to quality, then making informed decisions can become simpler with the right tools. ETQ has always believed that quality creates value … our presence at the ASQ conference will highlight not only how true this mantra is but also that we have the tools required.

To find out more about how ETQ can provide the solution to your defined pain points at the ASQ WSQI, please visit our smiling and savvy pit crew at Booth 601, where we will be giving a full demonstration of the Reliance 2019 SaaS solution. Alternatively, you can reach out for more information or a product demonstration here.

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