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Camping Checklist with Help from an Audit Management System

Emily Ysaguirre
by Emily Ysaguirre on Wed, Aug 26, 2015

Camping Checklist with Help from an Audit Management System

Conducting audits is important for continuous improvement. That is why it is essential that your tools are not only configurable to your processes, but also easy to manage and track. The right Audit Management software will allow users to create specific audit plans with multiple audits throughout the year. Setting up profiles for each audit includes integrated checklists, scoring methods and a comprehensive audit report for all audits within the system.

Since I am going camping in a few weeks, I decided that I could relate my camping checklist to the wholesome practices of what highlights data in an audit management application.

  • Preparation and Planning: It is important to always be prepared. A proper audit management system aids in this by building checklists along with questions that will help configure proper data. First I will build a checklist along with questions that will help me decide on what supplies to bring for the week. I know that I will need food, shelter, bedding, utensils, clothes and miscellaneous items such as sunscreen, chairs, a tarp, first aid kit and a fire pit. This checklist not only includes me, but my family and friends. Similar to how an organizational audit would run because that includes internal and external staff, suppliers and customers. This keeps all of us on the same page and in the loop. After creating my checklist I will be able to choose the appropriate amount of goods for the weekend. As this step in an audit is able to link findings directly to a corrective action, so that the problem can be solved, I decided to do this before I leave to ensure that I would be ultimately prepared.
  • Setting up plans: An audit management system within an organization is supposed to set up and plan to automatically send out whenever necessary. This is beneficial, because having a configurable workflow automates the review and approval process and sets up an easy to view display to show the status of the system. The ability to add more information to checklists as needed is helpful in making changes and assigning notifications. Setting up these plans for my camping trip after I created my checklist and answered the questions I had set aside allowed me to gain better visibility and insight into packing. Packing the cooler and car is never easy in my opinion. So clearing up the fog in this department by making a simple list and laying it all out allowed me to save time and gather and keep all of my supplies in one place.
  • Assign Actions: As it goes with an audit management system, after the checklists and plans are built, actions must be assigned. During this stage your audit management system will record initial assessment results, have the option to close appropriate events, perform risk assessment after calculating risk and display decision guidelines on a risk level. Since we have already have the recorded results of what supplies we will need and have essentially run our corrective action early, this is where we will assign appropriate assignments to the family and friends. Each person will be assigned items off of the supply list and be in charge of supplying them. We will issue these assignments through a group message or group training to keep all individuals up to date and trained on the importance of each activity.

Audits are a robust and intelligent way to stay in control through technology. Creating checklists, asking questions and assigning actions allows a team to stay on the same page and get the most value out of their system. This is why I decided to use typical audit practices to be sure my family and I will get the most out of our camping experience. Overall, being prepared allows for better visibility and control. It allows for an automatic alternative in making life easier. When data or supplies becomes easily searchable at your very own fingertips it is easy to focus on what truly matters, making the change. When you are able to find out immediately where the problem lies and have it documented, there is less time spent on what the actual problem is and more time spent on the solution—this is what makes for a good audit management system. 

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Emily Ysaguirre
Written by Emily Ysaguirre
Emily Ysaguirre is the Content Marketing Coordinator at EtQ, Inc.
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