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Beyond Compliance – 5 Ways EHS is Transforming Health and Wellbeing at Work

Sean Salvas
by Sean Salvas on Thu, May 04, 2017

More Businesses Are Going Beyond Compliance to Change to Tackle Health and Wellbeing at Work.

39% of large enterprises have increased their wellbeing budgets, according to a global study of HR managers, carried out by Virgin Pulse. It’s a trend that’s expected to continue well into the future, with health and wellbeing at work rising up the corporate agenda as organizations recognize the value of a resilient workforce. The strategic value of employee wellbeing is transforming environmental, health and safety (EHS) objectives.



More organizations are recognizing that their staff are their biggest asset – and their health and wellbeing at work has become a real priority. 

EHS is going beyond compliance, and this is helping businesses retain talent. 

With talent shortages across industries, there’s fierce competition to retain the best. This means organizations are working harder to retain their staff, keep them motivated and optimize production.

Businesses that place value on wellbeing – going beyond compliance – will come out on top.


  • Health and wellbeing should work in harmony with other corporate strategies, sitting alongside health and safety and HR functions.
  • In the UK, 62% of UK employees said work was a contributory cause of their poor mental health.
  • Businesses worldwide are beginning to understand the importance of workplace health and wellbeing - and their impact on the bottom line.
  • Companies must be proactive in supporting an aging workforce. By 2030, a third of the total workforce will be aged over 55 in many European countries.

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