The AMD Quality Journey to High Performance 
Rapid Adoption from ISO Certification to Advanced Analytics

A key to driving value from a QMS investment is to gain high level support and drive rapid adoption within the organization.  Learn how AMD thrives in a dynamic industry by making quality a strategic imperative and rapid deployment and adoption of advanced quality management with advanced quality analytics. 

Join Mario Andrade, Quality software architect at AMD and David Isaacson, ETQ Vice President of Product Marketing to learn best practices in their accelerated journey starting with automation for ISO 9001 certification to deployment of 14 additional QMS applications with 2,000 users across 10 global locations. 

You’ll also learn: 

  • The key business benefits of quality automation 
  • How and why AMD integrates their QMS with other key systems including PLM 
  • Best practices and lessons learned to speed deployment  
  • How AMD partnered with ETQ to improve efficiency and consistency  
  • How AMD leverages ETQ Insights for data analytics 
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