A Look at FSMA Rule #6 + How to Improve Quality with Mobile Event Tracking [Blog Roundup]

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This week’s roundup consists of our most recent blog posts. Read on for news in the EHS world from our previous industry roundup, learn how to improve quality with mobile event tracking, get 4 questions to ask before buying a compliance management system and more.

A Look at FSMA Rule #6: Sanitary Transport [Podcast]

The FDA has rolled out the 6th FSMA rule called Sanitary Transport. This is an exceptionally important regulation as there hasn’t really been any designated regulatory requirements around this area within our system to date. While everyone imagines that it is good business sense to ensure that all transportation of our food supply is handled in a safe and wholesome manner (and therefore a common best practice), trends within the industry would indicate otherwise. Read more.

Biosimilar But Not Biosame – Tackling Your EMA EU-RMP Plan

The global sales of biologics are estimated to reach more than $200 billion
 in 2016
, and as biologics with estimated sales worth $100 billion come off patent by 2020, the market for biosimilars could represent a considerable commercial opportunity.

Leading consultancy, Deloitte expects the worldwide biosimilars market to reach $25-35 billion by 2020. As of 2013, the EU constitutes approximately 80% of the global biosimilars market.

However, there are significant barriers to entry, particularly in regards to satisfying the regulatory safeguards set down by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which addresses the complex scientific issues that biosimilars present. In order to overcome this hurdle and succeed in this market, it is essential for your life science business to develop a robust risk management plan (EU-RMP) for its biosimilar products. Read more.

5 Ways to Make Workplace Sustainability Fun (and Not Totally Annoying)

Your company sustainability team is probably already on top of things like reducing energy, minimizing waste and preventing unwanted releases. However, what may be missing is the element of fun.

Fun at work can be elusive. Everyone has a job to do, and safety and quality are serious matters. Fun with sustainability may sound even more questionable. In fact, you probably think I’m about to launch into a list of ways you can repurpose your old yogurt containers.

But I won’t bore you with tired ideas that sound like they came from someone’s third-grade art class. Instead, here 5 ways to make workplace sustainability fun, and not totally annoying.  Read more.

How Leadership Styles Impact Employee Safety + 5 Ways to Customize Your EHS System

This week’s roundup focuses on the EHS industry. Read on for articles on how your leadership style impacts safety, 13 proven steps to staying safe in construction and 5 ways to customize your Environmental Health and Safety System. More.

How to Improve Quality with Mobile Event Tracking

It seems like companies are constantly coming up with new ways to make life easier with mobile apps. Mindfulness meditation apps, tracking package deliveries, automated investment apps that funnel extra pennies into savings—all of these boost productivity and make life that much easier.

In the quality management world, mobile event tracking apps let professionals manage quality from a smartphone or tablet, helping them unplug from the computer and achieve more of their goals.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few ways where mobile event tracking helps quality management teams improve their results at work. More.

The Food and Drink Industry in the Proactive Quality Economy

Trust and goodwill are running low among European consumers due to product safety concerns, health issues and misleading claims, at a time where social media can spread scares at alarming speeds to a knowledgeable public. So it’s vital that food and drink manufacturers make every attempt to secure the integrity of their brand, and we all know that quality and compliance play a huge part in that. More.

4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Compliance Management System

I’m the type of person who asks a zillion questions before purchasing almost anything. Like many, I read lots of online reviews and ask other users about products I’m considering buying, especially when it comes to technology.

Is the product made for people with similar needs? Can I customize its settings specifically for my situation? What kind of customer support do they offer if things go wrong?

If you’re buying an enterprise compliance management solution, the answers to these questions are vitally important. With that in mind, let’s look at 4 big questions you need to ask before you buy a compliance management system. More.

White Paper: Key Elements of ISO 9001:2015

Download this white paper to learn about the 2015 standard and how it provides a more integrated approach to standard frameworks, where technology fits in to simplify the process and more. 

Download Now



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