Introducing EtQ’s Free Application, traqpath, for Event Tracking and Corrective Action

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Event Tracking and Corrective Action

This week was an exciting one for EtQ—we launched our latest product, traqpath, which extends compliance beyond the enterprise market and brings the concepts of quality and environmental, health and safety compliance to everyone. 

Using traqpath allows you to manage three types of compliance activities—action items, events and corrective actions. In addition to managing events and corrective actions, you can track any action items associated with them, such as phone calls, meetings and more...

You can use traqpath to:

  • Track any compliance event
  • Create a workgroup and invite others, including external parties
  • Send action items, events or corrective actions outside your workgroup
  • Issue action items
  • Get notifications when an event has been assigned or updated
  • View reports on events, action items and corrective actions
  • Escalate and initiate events for further investigation

Here’s a deeper look into how it works:

Create Action Items 

An action item can be a to-do list entry, a meeting, a phone call, or any other reminder you need to manage during the process of containing and resolving an event. You can create and assign action items to effectively manage the tasks of resolving CAPAs and managing events. Like CAPA and event records, an action item can be assigned to other users, who mark them as completed when done. 

Take Control Over Your Events

An event is any occurrence that affects quality. The events application provides a broad way of recording something that happens in your organization that needs to be addressed by a group or by an individual. These events could include anything that impacts the quality, safety or compliance of the organization.

For example:  

  • Customer concerns
  • Inspection failures
  • Product recalls
  • Health and safety accidents

You can also use it to manage the day to day aspects of business, such as basic communication with your team members.screenshot_assignments.png

Take Action on Adverse Events

Organizations can use traqpath to issue a corrective action when events cannot be quickly recorded, fixed and closed by the group, to prevent the occurrence or recurrence of an issue. Corrective action is a process for bigger, more pervasive events that require investigation, review, and stringent correction. Serious, systemic or pervasive events can even be escalated to a corrective action, if needed.

Corrective action with traqpath enables you to:

  • Investigate and contain adverse events immediately
  • Take you through a root cause analysis to determine how the adverse event happened
  • After identifying the root cause, take action to stop it once and for all
  • Verify that your corrective action was effective

Improve the Way You Do Business

With traqpath, you get greater collaboration and visibility to ensure compliance and simplify the way you manage and track adverse events.

It also:

  • Provides visibility and control into your entire organization's quality and compliance processes
  • Enables team members to record events and store them centrally, foster collaboration and establish traceability of event history
  • Track compliance events from any device, empowering mobile, flexible and collaborative operations
  • Engage as many people as needed by extending invitations and assignments inside the company and outside (suppliers or customers, e.g.), extending as far as needed to manage and track compliance tasks

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