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Making Change: How Quality Management Fits into Change Management

change management

I love my smartphone. I'm not ashamed - I marvel at the concept of having information at my fingertips. And the smartphone companies know I love them, which is why they proceed to launch a new smartphone every six months. As soon as I get the latest technology, the "next big thing" is only a few months away. Companies like Apple seem to introduce a new product version just as soon as the seasons change. This had me wondering about their product lifecycle, and how post-market information makes its way around the company to influence the next release. This is Change Management.

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Air Safety Regulations Are Hitting Home: SMS Software

Air Safety is more than you think

We had a new Sales Rep start here the other day. This is nothing new for us, but the irony was that he is going to be covering our reach into the Airline Industry and Air Safety. Here's the ironic part - on his way to the office, his flight was delayed because of a "bird-strike" incident (and no - the birds didn't go on strike, in case you're wondering...I don't think they are unionized). This got me thinking, "Air Safety Incidents happen more often than we probably do the airlines currently handle these?"

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Avoid Scope Creep in Enterprise Software Implementation

This is one crazy set of Requirements!

In a few previous posts, I spoke about how important it is to take time to select the right vendor for your software solution. Interestingly enough, while many companies focus heavily on the software's ability to meet the business need, very few focus on the vendor's ability to implement the software.

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The Blog Strikes Back: How Star Wars could have used an EH&S System

Occupational Job Hazards

A month back, I decided to take a stab at The Empire and examine how Star Wars might have been different had they implemented a Quality Management System. Needless to say, this struck a chord and, much like a George Lucas Special Edition box set, was hotly commented on and debated.

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