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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Quality Management Software

hitchhikers guide to QMS

In the beginning, products were made and somebody suggested implementing processes to manage Quality. This is widely agreed as a big mistake, and we should all be blissfully unaware of the dangers of poor Quality. (I kid, I kid…)

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Using Quality Management Software Tools to Manage Recalls

recall management with the QMS

There is a saying, “plan for the worst, and hope for the best." This is the general tone I always take when discussing Recall Management. Let's face it—no one likes talking about recalls; there is no positive side to recalls, and certainly no one "wins" when a product is recalled. This is a double whammy when you are a medical device manufacturer—not only are you recalling a defective product, but you are also facing regulatory scrutiny and potential customer endangerment. So when I speak about medical device recalls, many are apt to have a system in place to manage processes in the unfortunate event of a recall. The critical factor in this case is what system is best suited to effectively and efficiently manage the recall process?

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Fourth of July Factoids, with a Quality and EHS Management Spin

Happy 4th, Quality and Safety folk!

This week we celebrate Independence Day here in the US, and it is a time to reconnect with family, grill your favorite meats, and celebrate being off from work.  I had come across a few interesting factoids and, in true non-sequitur fashion, thought I'd apply them to our common Quality and EHS Management Software solutions.  Enjoy!

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