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Why Marketing is Important for Your Quality Management System

Marketing your QMS

I've talked in the past about how much people hate to change (including members of my family...sorry, dad).  But, in reality it's not necessarily that people have so much of an aversion to change, it's more about motivation to change.

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How to Spot a Good Document Control System

Document Control System Options

I really like things to be in order in my life.  I tend to clean my house in a certain way, and I also like to follow a certain pattern when working on the lawn or around the house.  I like a good "system" just as anyone else might.

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How to Filter Corrective Actions: Not Everything Needs to be a CAPA!


Over the July 4th weekend, my kids and I watched "Chicken Little".  A cute little tale about an over-reactive little chicken (or poultry-American for you PC types) who essentially freaks out at the first sign of trouble. In the end...well, I fell asleep....but the "freaking out" part got me thinking....

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