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The EH&S Management Version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Solutions for Environmental, Health and Safety

(Disclaimer:  My Daughter Loves Snow White, and I don't tell her this version of the story - I think she may never ask to hear it again if I did....that being said, any reference or likeness used in this post is used purely in good fun and parody - I'm actually a huge fan of the story and those who re-tell it so well.)

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Snow White who was un-willfully employed by her evil stepmother the queen.  You see, they did not follow acceptable child labor laws, and she was forced to work all day long on the concrete steps in unsanitary conditions.  She had no protective gloves for working with cleaning agents, no padding for working on concrete, and the work area was infested with all kinds of unsavory vermin (Woodland creatures are disease carriers).

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For Many Enterprise QMS Rollouts, Quality is a Dirty Word

Is Quality a Dirty Word?

Many people hate to change. It happened to my father with TV and media. He fought tooth and nail to avoid switching to cable - "Too many channels." Once he switched, however, he loved it.  Same thing with movie rental.  Up until recently, he was the only person still renting VHS (whatever that is). He finally moved to DVDs, and now Blockbusters are folding faster than an origami competition.  We're now working with him on NetFlix - it's a long road ahead.

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Using Three ISO Standards to Benchmark QMS and EHS Convergence

overlap standards

Last week, I took a lighter turn on things, talking about the lighter side of ISO.  Some of the more interesting ISO standards out there, like shoe size, traffic lights, and snorkeling etiquette. I also posted a poll on the "state of the standards", and here are the results.

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