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Food Safety Management: SQF 7th Edition Takes a Unified Approach


Last year, the GFSI revised their guidance document to better address the needs of food safety in the marketplace.  As a result, this required all GFSI-recognized schemes to adhere to the new guidance.  SQF took this opportunity to re-evaluate their SQF 1000 and 2000 codes and decided to combined them into a single, holistic code, now titled "SQF 7th Edition". 

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Regulating Sustainability: Finding Common Ground between Standards

Standards for Sustainability

Sustainability is a common goal among many organizations in business today.  It is not only becoming a good practice for organizations to ensure they are adhering to their own internal standards, but it is also becoming a requirement from suppliers, consumer, and investors.  With the growing interest in sustainability (particularly environmental sustainability), the question arises, "What exactly should we be reporting, and to whom?"

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Project Management in Quality Management Systems - Keep it on Track

Project Management requires teamwork

This is the first year where my daughter has started homework.  It's nothing mind-bending (kindergarteners are not doing quadratic equations or trigonometry just yet), but it's still a task every night for her.  Her teacher provides her with a list of homework tasks every Monday that need to be completed by Friday - it's up to her (and us) to complete these tasks by the end of the week.  So we sit down every Monday night and being our routine of planning out what we want to cover each night.  We usually start with the harder stuff (Math - yuck), and try to cover more in the early part of the week, so that, come Thursday night we have little to no work left to finish (which she likes).

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Integrated Aviation Management - Beyond Safety Management Software


I always look for the big picture in things. Whether in personal life or professional, having the foresight to see things from a larger perspective lends itself to greater thought and better decision-making. When hiking out in the wilderness, sometimes it's better to climb to the highest point and look down at your path, and you can see the whole trail laid out in front of you. Then you know how far you've come, and how far you need to go; with that kind of visibility you can plan your route, save your resources, and get through your journey easier.

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Making Sense of the Data: Reporting in the QMS and EHS

Too Much Information

Information is everywhere.  In fact, recent studies by the Global Information Industry Center state that Americans consume a whopping 1.8 zettabytes of information each year (that's a million million gigabytes), spend 1.3 trillion hours consuming information, and 10,845 trillion words read.  This all works out to about 34 GB per person per day.  Needless to say, we are consuming more information everyday.

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