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Quality Management Seminar Wrap-Up: Risk and Harmonization, Part 2

Part 2: Risk Mitigation Seminar

In the last post, I began my in-depth retelling of EtQ's Life Sciences Seminar on Risk Mitigation and Global Harmonization in Quality Management Systems. Overall the seminar was a great success, and we managed to keep everyone's attention for a few hours.

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Quality Management Seminar Wrap-Up: Risk and Harmonization , Part 1

Speakers from EtQ's Seminar on Life Sciences Quality management systems

This past week, we finished up a in-depth seminar in New Jersey.  The seminar, focused in the Life Sciences market, touched on the concepts of Global Harmonization and Standardization.  It also had a focus on Risk mitigation in Quality Management systems.  Overall, the seminar went well - great turnout, great speakers (great food), and overall a great response. 

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