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Do Consumers Really Care about Quality?

The Next Big thing

When I talk to Quality professionals, one of the key topics I bring up is “Why is Quality Important?” This is isn’t some trick question, or any attempt to make them justify their career choice – it’s simply because I am always curious to hear the differing opinions. More often than not, it boils down to the fact that Quality instills customer satisfaction (and ultimately loyalty), and Quality helps the bottom line (i.e. fewer defects, better efficiency, etc.). …And I applaud that sentiment. However, it was brought to my attention recently some interesting statistics:

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Is Quality Dying a Slow Death, or Evolving Beyond Definition?

Quality Death

So after a brief break from my blog, I'm refreshed and back for more. So I thought I would start the ball rolling with a little thought-provoking (and perhaps controversial) topic:

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5 Things to Consider When Localizing Your Software Solution

localization 5steps

Enterprises today are often not isolated to once corner of the globe—they span continents. With organizations sharing information across the globe, it is more crucial than ever to ensure harmonized communication within these global networks. Luckily, localization technology makes it possible to break down the language barrier, ensure efficient communication, and create streamlined business processes regardless of whether your enterprise ranges from the US to Timbuktu.

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