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4 Things to Know when Moving Quality Management to the Cloud


I recently had a discussion with a colleague about technology and how things have evolved over the past few years, and the topic of the "Cloud" came up.  One of the terms he put forth was that of "cloudwash" - an interesting way of saying that everyone states they have a cloud solution, but no one really know what that means.  There are all sorts of cloud messages flooding the market - public, private, SaaS, PaaS and more.  Many companies have moved to some cloud platform, and Quality Management Software systems are also moving in this direction, but what does it all mean?

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Getting on the Quality Management Software Soapbox - QMS Rant, Part 2

soapbox2 bullhorndryer

If you haven't yet read Part 1 of my rant, I suggest you go back and do so.  However, it won't make much difference - both are the ravings of a madman with respect to Quality Management Software.  I recently gave an interview for a magazine, and I ended up going a little overboard on several concepts related to Quality Management Software.  Full knowing that most of what I wrote won't make it to print, I decided to post it up here.  Part 1 talks about the state of the QMS market, why people are hesitant to purchase software and a little on risk and reward.   Here's more of that, perhaps 20% "rantier".

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The Top 10 QMS and EHS Management Articles of 2011

2011top10 TL

As 2011 comes to a close, I thought this would be a good time to take a look back on some of the most popular topics that have been written about in our humble blog.  That, and I'm one foot out the door, egg nog in hand, so...

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Three Keys to Global Harmonization in Quality: Learning to Share

Global Harmonization of Enterprise Compliance Systems

Growing up, I never was one to want to share my toys.  I wasn’t one to throw a temper tantrum and take my toys home, but I never really liked the whole concept of people touching my stuff.  Thinking back on it, it all boiled down to the fact that I kept my toys in a certain working order, and I didn’t want little Jimmy MacMillan going and getting his scummy hands all over it.

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The Data GPS: Transparency, visibility with Centralized Reporting

Centralized Reporting

I work in an organization that is very metric-driven. During my quarterly meetings, data is king. My employees provide me with reports on their projects, and in turn I analyze their reports to present to the executive team. Each department has it's own "family tree" of reports, and as a team, we look at the data and make decisions.

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Have it Your Way: Tips for Software Selection Success

Selecting the Right Software

I am sometimes guilty of overthinking things.  Being a Software-type, I am over-analytical in just about everything I do.  I weigh options, I seek advice, and usually I make my decision (after a while).  Whenever i see people looking to invest in software, I see a similar situation.  Now, being careful and analytical is very important, especially in a major investment like software, but more often than not, there are a few elements that get in the way of a good software selection process.  I thought I would throw out a few easy things to remember when entering into the software selection process.  This is a simplified list, but it does give a certain perspective to the whole endeavor.

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More of the Same: Enterprise Standardization in Quality and EH&S Management

Can we all be Common, and keep our processes unique?

The question of the day is "Can we all be Common?" More on that in a minute.

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8 Simple Rules for Selecting a Quality Management Software System

8 simple Rule for Software Selection

In a market where high-demand causes organizations to seek software systems that will fit into their complex business infrastructure, the pressure to find the right system often causes against to many. Couple that with the host of options out there, and the pressure builds. Often, organizations will "settle" on a system that has most of the functionality they need, but feel that uneasy feeling we all get when we don't get everything we want. That being said, I thought it best to lay out my "8 Simple Rules" on what to look for in a QMS (I have covered this in more detail here).

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The Quality Hub: How Integration tears down Information Silos


I had a conference call this morning with a large ERP software vendor that made me think about the importance of Integration in today's growing market, and wanted to touch on some ideas with respect to Integration.

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SaaS and Quality / EHS Management: It's an On Demand World

SaaS for Quality and EH&S Management

In the evolution of Quality, Compliance and EHS systems, we've seen several incarnations of software platforms over the years.  In the "good old days"  it was client-server models.  Before that, it was word of mouth, spreadsheets, and "folklore".  Then came along the Web (thank you Mr. Gore).  With the advent of the Web, more and more systems became accessible on a different level.  Thin clients pushed data out to the far reaches of the world, or at least as far as your Ethernet cable would let you go.

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