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Reliance 11: Innovating the Product Landscape

Reliance version 11 Infographic

EtQ Reliance version 11 has been released and with it comes a whole host of new features and enhancements for quality, EHS and compliance initiatives.

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How Can We Mitigate Supply-Chain Risk In the QMS?

SUpply Chain

Looking at the scope of where businesses are today, it gets more and more evident that there is a growing, systematic tearing down of informational silos.  This is a good thing - the less division we have on our data means more visibility into all aspects of the business. For processes around Quality Management and Compliance management, this means that we have more information to pull from when we try to mitigate risk and improve compliance.  But for the supply-chain, this continues to evolve.  We are seeing more companies recognizing the impact of the supply-chain on Quality and Compliance, and companies are seeking ways to tear down the silos of information that separate Supplier Quality from our four walls.

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4 Things to Know when Moving Quality Management to the Cloud


I recently had a discussion with a colleague about technology and how things have evolved over the past few years, and the topic of the "Cloud" came up.  One of the terms he put forth was that of "cloudwash" - an interesting way of saying that everyone states they have a cloud solution, but no one really know what that means.  There are all sorts of cloud messages flooding the market - public, private, SaaS, PaaS and more.  Many companies have moved to some cloud platform, and Quality Management Software systems are also moving in this direction, but what does it all mean?

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The Olympic Spirit of Quality Management Systems

Olympic QMS

Like many of you out there, I am completely engaged in this year's Winter Olympics.  The sheer magnitude of the event, the human drama, and the spirit of competition is fantastic, and make for great television.  However, I can't help thinking about the operation itself, and how they are able to maintain operations, logistics, and planning in all the chaos (I can't even manage my own household).  Recently, the Sochi Laboratory that handles drug testing for the Olympics was provisionally suspended for poor Quality Management procedures.  This further emphasizes the importance of Quality Management beyond a purely organizational context.  Quality Management is critical in this sense and many others in order to ensure the thousands of athletes (i.e. the product) are managed and risks are mitigated.  So, what would an Olympic-caliber Quality Management System (QMS) look like?

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Making the Case for Quality


The Quality Management System (QMS) is the catchall for business processes today. It automates an organization’s processes from Document Control to Change Management to Corrective Action and more. It simplifies the forms within these processes, adding flexibility and intuitive search capabilities and such. These benefits together help to streamline your business processes, reducing error in each and making things all around easier on the end user.

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Why I Implemented a Quality Management System for my Kids


No, I'm not crazy.  I talk about Quality Management software solutions a lot in my business life, and how a QMS can promote efficiency, transparency, and process improvement.  But when I come home, it's just plain chaos.  My household is run like a circus - everyone is running around trying to get things done, and I'm the hapless ringmaster with the illusion of control.  So I thought, "What would my life be like if I took my QMS from my office and tried to implement it at home?"  So here are the results of my efforts - maybe you might see value in it for yourselves:

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4 Reasons Mercury Retrograde Isn’t Slowing Your QMS Down

4 Reasons Mercury Retrograde Isn’t Slowing Your QMS Down

Have you been experiencing strange occurrences with your communications devices? Devices not functioning as usual? Glitches in programs that usually work well? More occurrences of foot in the mouth syndrome? You can probably thank the planet Mercury for that.

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4 Reasons Life Sciences Can Move Compliance Management to the Cloud

Cloud LS

The pace of technology is truly amazing, when you think about it.  The concept of "technology" as we know it is relatively new, and by new I mean it's only been in the last 50 years that we've embraced computers.  Jump ahead to today, and our smartphones are about 100,000 times the speed and data than the computer that landed men on the moon.  The rapid development of technology has evolved, and continues to evolve, on a daily basis.  For Quality and Compliance Management, especially in Life Sciences, this is good news.

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7 Traits of an Effective Training Management System

7 Traits of an Effective Employee Training Management System

In any organization, the key to a successful business operation is in training your employees to be as knowledgeable in their job responsibilities as possible. With the workplace evolving with both new processes and new people, good training is necessary to ensure that everyone is trained as quickly as possible on their new responsibilities and new processes.

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How EtQ Survived the Zombie Apocalypse with the Help of Quality Management

zombie race

The EtQ team recently participated in a zombie race. The team ran the 5k course while facing obstacles, mud, and the living dead.  Yes, zombies, in the flesh (errr sort of). We jumped over fire, dove into mud pits, and evaded the hordes of zombies…and we survived.

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