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4 Reasons Life Sciences Can Move Compliance Management to the Cloud

Cloud LS

The pace of technology is truly amazing, when you think about it.  The concept of "technology" as we know it is relatively new, and by new I mean it's only been in the last 50 years that we've embraced computers.  Jump ahead to today, and our smartphones are about 100,000 times the speed and data than the computer that landed men on the moon.  The rapid development of technology has evolved, and continues to evolve, on a daily basis.  For Quality and Compliance Management, especially in Life Sciences, this is good news.

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3 Reasons to Attend this Life Science Summit on Quality Management Systems


I am a firm believer in the power of reality.  A broad statement for sure, but in an increasingly digital world, it is nice to actually go somewhere and talk to other humans directly.  There's something a bit more satisfying in sitting down and listening to speakers talk, taking old school notes, and talking to industry peers.  That is why I am pushing this week's post to talk about this upcoming Life Science Summit on Quality Management Systems in Bridgewater NJ this March 12th, and the 3 reasons why you should attend.

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Automated Validation Interest Grows for Quality Management Solutions

validation books

There's the old saying, "Don't knock it until you try it."  My daughter was convinced that broccoli was yucky, and she refused to eat it.  No matter what I tried - burying it in her mashed potatoes, dousing it with maple syrup, or liquefying it and putting it in her chocolate milk - she wouldn't go for it (ok, last one was fake).  Then, one day she saw her friends eating it, and they didn't seem to have a problem with it, and she decided it was time to try it again.  After that day, there is no looking back - she loves broccoli, and I no longer have to fight it out with her at the dinner table.

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3 Things you Need to Know about Validating QMS in the Cloud

Cloud Computing

As technology evolves, more companies are looking for easier ways to manage their IT infrastructure and, in turn, their Quality Management System (QMS).  First came the client-server (thick client); then came the Web client(thin client); and now Software as a Service (SaaS) (supermodel thin client).  With the first two, the key component was the hardware.  It was always known that if you wanted software, you had to put it on a box, and someone had to maintain that box.  In this new technological era, IT is tired of maintaining your hardware;  they are looking for ways to deploy the QMS in the "cloud" - the hosted realm where server farms enable virtual operating environments to "float" and draw what bandwidth is needed to make the software work. 

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3 Reasons to Adopt Automated Validation in Quality Management Systems

validation Gantt2

My daughter has been learning how to ride a bike for the past year.  She's actually become quite adept at it, and for someone who loves to cycle, I am certainly proud.  But there were certain obstacles to overcome to get to this point.  We started simply with the tricycle - learning to pedal.  Then we switched to a "run-bike" to help learn balance.  Now we are on a two-wheeled bike with training wheels, and slowly beginning to take the training wheels off.  With each step forward, my daughter expressed a certain degree of fear - "will I be able to do this?," she intimated. Once she made the leap to the next level, she realized how much easier biking can become.  Leaving the training wheels can be scary, but the freedom of two wheels is much better.

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