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4 Key Trends in Aviation Safety Management Systems


Aviation safety continues to be a front line discussion in the news as of late.  Most recently, safety continues to affect the 787 Dreamliner, with several airlines pulling them from rotation.  Airlines are safer than they have ever been, so when we see more headlines about safety, it draws attention.  In the public mind, safety is an effort of constant improvement - there is no acceptable level other than 100%, and airlines are tasked with that notion. Safety Management Systems (SMS) are developed with the focus on mitigating risk of occurrences within operations.  As these SMS evolve, we are seeing new trends on how companies are implementing Safety Management within their operations.

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Integrated Aviation Management - Beyond Safety Management Software


I always look for the big picture in things. Whether in personal life or professional, having the foresight to see things from a larger perspective lends itself to greater thought and better decision-making. When hiking out in the wilderness, sometimes it's better to climb to the highest point and look down at your path, and you can see the whole trail laid out in front of you. Then you know how far you've come, and how far you need to go; with that kind of visibility you can plan your route, save your resources, and get through your journey easier.

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Enterprise Risk Management in Aviation Safety Management Systems


Ever hear of the term, "Drinking water from a fire hose"?  No?  Here's some imagery for you:

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Taking Flight: Aviation Safety Management Systems on the Rise

SMS Takes Flight

There was a time (long ago), when flying was a unique event.  I think of growing up, my parents would have me get dressed up to go on a flight - looking back, it seems funny how we had such a reverence for the act of flying. Now, especially in business, flying and aviation has lost some of it's "luster".  It's a common occurrence for many, often the equivalent of taking the bus to work. 

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Air Safety Regulations Are Hitting Home: SMS Software

Air Safety is more than you think

We had a new Sales Rep start here the other day. This is nothing new for us, but the irony was that he is going to be covering our reach into the Airline Industry and Air Safety. Here's the ironic part - on his way to the office, his flight was delayed because of a "bird-strike" incident (and no - the birds didn't go on strike, in case you're wondering...I don't think they are unionized). This got me thinking, "Air Safety Incidents happen more often than we probably do the airlines currently handle these?"

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