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Global Quality Management Workflow: Being Both Common and Unique


Life is full of contradictions. In order to have peace, we prepare for war; we drive an extra 5 miles to save .02/gallon on gas; birds of a feather flock together, yet opposites attract; jumbo shrimp – things tend to contradict each other. You would think that this would also apply to technology, but at least in terms of Quality Management Software Solutions, you’d be mistaken.

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GMP Compliance that Spans Enterprises - Supply Chain Compliance

Localization: Streamlining Communications Across Continents

We just recently completed a webinar on the automated Quality Management System this week, and while there were a few minor hiccups, we can call it a success in our book.  One of the things that struck me was we had four speakers in the webinar, all from different regions of the world.  Yet we were able to collaborate fairly seamlessly - four organizations working in tandem to tell our attendees about Quality Management Software.

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Three Keys to Global Harmonization in Quality: Learning to Share

Global Harmonization of Enterprise Compliance Systems

Growing up, I never was one to want to share my toys.  I wasn’t one to throw a temper tantrum and take my toys home, but I never really liked the whole concept of people touching my stuff.  Thinking back on it, it all boiled down to the fact that I kept my toys in a certain working order, and I didn’t want little Jimmy MacMillan going and getting his scummy hands all over it.

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The Data GPS: Transparency, visibility with Centralized Reporting

Centralized Reporting

I work in an organization that is very metric-driven. During my quarterly meetings, data is king. My employees provide me with reports on their projects, and in turn I analyze their reports to present to the executive team. Each department has it's own "family tree" of reports, and as a team, we look at the data and make decisions.

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5 Things to Consider When Localizing Your Software Solution

localization 5steps

Enterprises today are often not isolated to once corner of the globe—they span continents. With organizations sharing information across the globe, it is more crucial than ever to ensure harmonized communication within these global networks. Luckily, localization technology makes it possible to break down the language barrier, ensure efficient communication, and create streamlined business processes regardless of whether your enterprise ranges from the US to Timbuktu.

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