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5 Audit Management Tasks in my Pre-Race Audit Journey


Outside of work, I am a big cycling fanatic.  I love to bike, and try to get out and ride as often as I can.  A few years back, I decided to start racing mountain bikes.  The challenge has been amazing, and I love the competition.  I have a race coming up and realized that my pre-race rituals often mimic the same principles of Audit Management like the ones in Quality Management Systems.  So what do I do when preparing for a race so that my equipment, my processes and my approaches are audited and verified?

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Why I Implemented a Quality Management System for my Kids


No, I'm not crazy.  I talk about Quality Management software solutions a lot in my business life, and how a QMS can promote efficiency, transparency, and process improvement.  But when I come home, it's just plain chaos.  My household is run like a circus - everyone is running around trying to get things done, and I'm the hapless ringmaster with the illusion of control.  So I thought, "What would my life be like if I took my QMS from my office and tried to implement it at home?"  So here are the results of my efforts - maybe you might see value in it for yourselves:

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How EtQ Survived the Zombie Apocalypse with the Help of Quality Management

zombie race

The EtQ team recently participated in a zombie race. The team ran the 5k course while facing obstacles, mud, and the living dead.  Yes, zombies, in the flesh (errr sort of). We jumped over fire, dove into mud pits, and evaded the hordes of zombies…and we survived.

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8 Things to Look for in a Corrective Action Software Solution


I've been a bit behind on the blog posts lately, and wanted to get back into the swing of things with a few ideas on one of the most central and critical components of any Compliance System, whether Quality Management, Environmental Management or Health and Safety Management.  I'm talking about Corrective Action - CAR, C/A, CAPA - whatever you like to call it.  Psychology states that the more names we have for something, the more important it is in our society.  While society at large is not espousing the benefits of CAPA/CAR/CA/Corrective Actions, it certainly is a core piece in our business world.

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An Open Corrective Action Assigned to my Daughter

PDCA kids

Perhaps I've been working in the Quality Management and Environmental Health and Safety Management arena way too long, so much so that it's come to this.  I was sitting in my house over the weekend, and let down my guard for a little bit, and my lovely youngest daughter wreaks havoc upon the household.  She has a knack for this type of thing - you turn your back for an instant and she's covered in markers, given the a cat haircut, or painted the walls pink.

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Preparing for the Audit: 3 Ways QMS Software will Keep you Sane

Audits make People Crazy

A few weeks back, a friend and colleague of mine sent me a series of images on how things look on any given day, and then how things tend to look on the day of their audit. Definitely worth taking a look. But before I go there, why do we get so crazy when we have an audit? Is it because we're unprepared? Is it because we've missed something critical? Or is it just general nerves, like having the teacher review your work right in front of you? Having an automated QMS helps to alleviate that crazy feeling, and gives you the peace of mind of knowing where everything is. Here are just some of the things the automated QMS can do in preparation for an audit:

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Mobility in the Quality Management Solution - What you Really Need

Mobility in Quality Management

Lately these days, I seem to be tethered to my phone.  I initially resisted the whole smart phone trend, and only in the last few years did I finally capitulate to the allure of having information at my fingertips...and facebook.  But it wasn't until I really started to use it as a business tool that it became productive for me.  I was able to answer emails all day(and night) long, regardless of where I was.  Some may think this is a detriment - an intrusion of the workplace into one's personal space - I think that with the right mix of application and efficiency, you can incorporate smart phone activities without impeding your life.  It's a combination of self-control and value - don't overuse your phone and you'll keep your marriage, right?

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How to Filter Corrective Actions: Not Everything Needs to be a CAPA!


Over the July 4th weekend, my kids and I watched "Chicken Little".  A cute little tale about an over-reactive little chicken (or poultry-American for you PC types) who essentially freaks out at the first sign of trouble. In the end...well, I fell asleep....but the "freaking out" part got me thinking....

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