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Elevator Pitching: How to Talk to C-levels about Quality Management

teh elevator pitch

They call it the "elevator pitch".  I find that kind of a silly notion, like you would be waiting in the lobby to ride the lift with any executive who pops in for work around 11am-ish. I would personally thinking you would come off a bit like a stalker, talking business when the guy is still on his first latte.  I had a guy try to pitch to me in the bathroom once - it didn't go over well.

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Mobility in the Quality Management Solution - What you Really Need

Mobility in Quality Management

Lately these days, I seem to be tethered to my phone.  I initially resisted the whole smart phone trend, and only in the last few years did I finally capitulate to the allure of having information at my fingertips...and facebook.  But it wasn't until I really started to use it as a business tool that it became productive for me.  I was able to answer emails all day(and night) long, regardless of where I was.  Some may think this is a detriment - an intrusion of the workplace into one's personal space - I think that with the right mix of application and efficiency, you can incorporate smart phone activities without impeding your life.  It's a combination of self-control and value - don't overuse your phone and you'll keep your marriage, right?

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The Low Carbon Diet: Sustainability In Food Safety Management Systems

Low Carbon Diet

Everyday, I try to "go green".  On the whole, I fail to do so in one place or another.  I will recycle my cans and paper, but in the same house, we have 3-4 air conditioners running.  I love to bike, yet I drive to work everyday (even when it's nice out).  I'm conscious to turn off lights in unused rooms, but we leave the TV on all night long. 

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