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Dedicated SaaS for Quality and EH&S: Can it be Done?

SaaS as a decicated environment

With all the industry abuzz about Software as a Service (SaaS), many players are entering the market, throwing their hat in the SaaS ring. Traditionally, we know that SaaS resides in a multi-tenant capacity. The reasons behind this have been twofold:

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Build vs. Buy: Best Practice QMS Solution over Custom Development, Part 2

Build Versus Buy

In Part 1 of this series, I wrote on the first three of five things to look for in a build versus buy scenario.  Now, without further interruption, is Part 2 - Implementation and ROI:

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Build vs. Buy: Best Practice QMS Solution over Custom Development, Part 1

Build versus buy

In today's dynamic and demand-driven market, the need to implement enterprise technology to keep pace with rapidly evolving operational, production and compliance environments is key to success.  In recent years, enterprise technology has become more prevalent in its penetration of all operational areas within a business.  It has become so prevalent that it is rare to find a department within an organization that does not have a dedicated enterprise software solution to provide some level of support.

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eMDR: Why Start Now, and How your QMS will Help


In the past few weeks, I have seen some further interest in customers asking about eMDR (or as it's called now, MedWatchPlus).  This is not to say that they are ready to implement, they are just interested.  Which, over the past year, has been the case - "We're interested in eMDR, but we're just looking right now."  This is fine - it's not yet mandatory, and the general theme is that customers have so much on their plate right now, ANOTHER system is not going to make life easier.

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