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FDA FSMA Regulations Delayed: Don't Wait for Food Safety Management!

FSMA will be done...when?

Last year, we all waited with anticipation when the Food Safety Modernization Act was signed.  This marked an evident step forward in the regulation of Food Safety from the FDA, and many saw this as a progressive move in the right direction.  We spoke on this act, and illustrated the long road ahead for regulations.  It seems, however, the road is a bit longer and a bit bumpier than expected.

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Getting on the Quality Management Software Soapbox - QMS Rant, Part 2

soapbox2 bullhorndryer

If you haven't yet read Part 1 of my rant, I suggest you go back and do so.  However, it won't make much difference - both are the ravings of a madman with respect to Quality Management Software.  I recently gave an interview for a magazine, and I ended up going a little overboard on several concepts related to Quality Management Software.  Full knowing that most of what I wrote won't make it to print, I decided to post it up here.  Part 1 talks about the state of the QMS market, why people are hesitant to purchase software and a little on risk and reward.   Here's more of that, perhaps 20% "rantier".

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Getting on the Quality Management Software Soapbox - QMS Rant, Part 1


Warning:  This is a bit of a rant.    Not so much an "angry-about-the-state-of-the-world" rant, but more of a tangent on Quality Management software.  You see, I tend to get carried away when I write about stuff - Quality, EHS, Life Sciences, Aviation, Coffee, Star Wars, Biking, Office furniture; it's all open-season when I get on the soapbox.  This happened to be as part of an interview for a Life Sciences magazine, and I just couldn't stop.  I covered everything, and I managed to write it down, so thought I would share - hopefully there's some good nuggets in here for you to learn.

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What are the 5 Best Innovations in Quality Management Software?


Seems like the "next best thing" is always coming out.  I'm not one of those people who miss the good old days - I always marvel at what we have in the modern world.  I feel like TV shows have gotten better, consumer products are better, my kid's toys are cooler, and technology is smarter and sleeker than ever. 

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