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We the People: A Trained Employee-centric approach to QMS & EHS – by EtQ

all employees can be trained!

Last week I spoke a lot about the concept of integration and consolidation (and a little about my Spring cleaning habits).  In the post, I mentioned how in an effort to consolidate and/or integrate business systems, many software solutions would need to serve a dual purpose, or converge.  Specifically, Quality Management Systems and Environmental Health and Safety Systems share enough commonalities that they can easily be converged into a single system.

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IT's Role in Quality Management and EH&S Management

It Spring Cleaning!

I confess, I've started my Spring cleaning early.  The other day, i noticed how much stuff I had in my house and felt it was time to "reduce my inventory", so to speak.  Same thing at the office - I'm moving into a new space, and spent the better part of the day getting rid of old files, combining other files together, and passing off trade show swag to my kids.

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Making the Connection: Why the “Personal Touch” Matters in Compliance

Connections Matter

We had a good week at EtQ this week.  It started with an announcement of the location of our 2011 User Conference, followed up by an interactive Food Manufacturing Summit, and then reached the high point with an EtQ-sponsored Aviation Safety Management Summit.  While this may seem fairly “normal” in any organization’s marketing and events group, it had a unique feel to it, because of the nature of each of these events. 

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