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EtQ Roundup: Mobile EHS Management, Top FSMA Challenges and More


EtQ’s weekly roundup helps keep you up to date with industry trends and breaking news for Food and Beverage, EHS, Life Sciences and more. This week we focus on whether mobility is the new normal when it comes to Environmental Health and Safety Management, the FDA’s postmarket surveillance strategy for medical devices and 5 of the top challenges faced when complying with FSMA. We even throw in a little fun at the end with our flashback post where we consider what Star Wars could have learned from Quality Management software.

Traci’s Tidbits: Best Food Safety Practices for Preparing RTE Foods

Traci's Tidbits

When I chose my current profession, I never realized all the doors of knowledge and experience I would open.  The food and beverage industry is a vast and complex system.  We often joke about things like the 5-second rule or being able to kill germs by throwing something in the deep-fryer, but in all seriousness we have been charged with the health and safety of the global community.  That community includes your family, friends, acquaintances and strangers.  When you think about it, the task of food safety seems a bit daunting.


Cybersecurity in Medical Devices: 3 Key Strategies to Inspire Consumer Confidence

Inspire Consumer Confidence

When prominent “white hat” hacker Barnaby Jack demonstrated how easily he could wirelessly hack into devices like insulin pumps and pacemakers, it made people sit up and take notice.

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need an EHS Management System

5 Reasons You Need an EHS System

It took me awhile to come around on tablets. I didn’t want to spend the money, and I had hesitations about moving away from real books.

Best Practices for Automating the Safety Management System

Best Practices for Automating the SMS

I’m a list-maker by nature, but recently I had to admit my lists were out of control. The main reason? Too many apps.

4 Metrics to Ensure Supplier Quality in Medical Device Manufacturing

What QMS Functionality Can Tell You About Your Suppliers

In 2012, news broke that patients across 20 states had been infected with fungal meningitis due to contaminated steroid injections.

From the Archives: 4 Reasons Mercury Retrograde Isn’t Slowing Your QMS Down

4 Reasons Mercury Retrograde Isn’t Slowing Your QMS Down

Have you been experiencing strange occurrences with your communications devices? Devices not functioning as usual? Glitches in programs that usually work well? More occurrences of foot in the mouth syndrome? You can probably thank the planet Mercury for that.

How to Automate Behavior-Based Safety with EHS Management Software

How can the EHS System improve behavior-based safety

To reduce incidents and create a culture of safety in the workplace, many leading companies have adopted behavior-based safety (BBS) programs that encourage personal responsibility for safety.                          

How to Explain the Value of Enterprise Software to Your Boss

How to Explain the Value of Enterprise Software to Your Boss

From HR to IT, it’s rare to find a department that doesn’t use some type of enterprise software. Despite the fact that it’s so common, the process of finding and selecting the right system can be a challenge.

How Phil the Groundhog uses a Quality Management System

How Does Phil Use QMS?

Groundhog Day is the day that Punxsutawney Phil comes out of his long winter’s hibernation and predicts the forecast for either warmer weather or a longer winter.  Each year, on February 2nd, his prediction of 6 more weeks of winter or an early spring is documented on local news stations as well as on Phil’s Punxsutawney Pennsylvania home website as early as 6:00 am. Phil has been making predictions that have been documented for about 128 years, since the year 1887. 

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