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4 Reasons We’re Thankful for Quality Management Software

Why are you thankful for QMS?

There are plenty of reasons to be thankful for quality management. A good Quality Management System (QMS) is going to automate all of your many processes for you—from the way you manage your documents, to the way you manage your risk, to corrective actions, to sending emails, training  and more. It does a lot to help simplify your everyday tasks to take the brunt of the work out of your hands—literally.  Automated QMS allows you to step away from the desk and the process, knowing that quality won’t suffer. 

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What's the Long-Term Value of Compliance Management Software?

time equals money color

When looking for an enterprise software solution, it is important to take into consideration its potential for long-term value. What exactly does this mean?  In a nutshell, long-term value is the amount of savings you can expect after using the software for a long period of time. Are you paying less in the long run or do you end up paying more? Keep in mind that lower upfront costs don’t always equate to lower long-term costs. It’s important to consider this when evaluating software vendors in order to choose the vendor that will provide more for your money…even years down the line.

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Everything Today is in the Cloud…How’d it Get There?

Building the Cloud

Everything today seems to be headed to the cloud and many software solution vendors now have some form of cloud offering.  While it certainly has gained in popularity, the cloud still tends to hold an elusive stature.  Is it safe? Can everyone see my stuff??? These are all valid questions and some that I’ll aim to answer in this post.  First, to give you a better idea of where the cloud began, let’s try to unveil some of the mystery that tends to surround it, and some details on how to drive Compliance Management Solutions to the cloud.

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A Dr. Seuss Approach to Quality Management Systems


I’m a huge fan of the genius that was Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss.  His lighthearted stories all had deep meaning at the core. His words were filled with great advice for the young and the young at heart.  So it comes as no surprise to me that while reading “Horton Hears a Who” to my daughters, I was struck with this thought…how would Dr. Seuss have approached quality management?  Certainly not conventionally. And with that, here’s my tribute to the prose of Dr. Seuss…with a quality management twist.

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How is Risk & Compliance Management like running an Obstacle Course?

ROC Race in Quality?

Most people have heard of the popular game show, Wipeout. If not, this may jog your memory. Well, that’s what we did last weekend. Sort of.  Here at EtQ, our Fun Committee plans the latest and greatest events for general spirit and team building. Last weekend the event of choice was the R.O.C. Race, or Ridiculous Obstacle Course Race. 

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What are the 4 Key Elements in Compliance Management Software?

Compliance Platform

Compliance is a broad term in business today.  It's a term that gets thrown around in meetings, operations, regulations, and covers so many definitions.  It almost borders on cliche - compliance is broad.  But what does it mean?  In simplest terms, "Compliance" means that you are able to do business with confidence.  You can operate your business in a manner that means less risk, better quality, safety and governance.  It means that you are doing business as you should - as people will expect you to.  Compliance management software is designed to help foster this concept, but again, it becomes broad in definition on what can be offered.  What do people need in compliance management software solutions?  Here are 4 basics:

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The Q Word: How does your Company Define Quality Management?

How do you define Quality?

Let's talk about the "Q word".  I’m going to echo a sentiment you’ve no doubt heard before—quality should be inherent in everything.  It’s often the reason some products are successful while others fail. Unfortunately, if you haven’t taken the steps toward ensuring product quality from beginning to end, chances are you may be dealing with more than a handful of post-market issues at some point or another. Quality Management and Quality Management Systems are in place for just that.

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The Automated QMS by The Numbers

blog ROI

When it comes to Quality Management Solutions, we often hear the same thing.  Every vendor out there seems to be touting similar capabilities—flexible! streamlined! world-class!  Unfortunately, you’ve just described everything from software to toilet paper. These words have become so overused they’ve lost their value. You deserve more than just gobbledygook (read: fancy marketing term for jargon.) You deserve to know the why. Flexibility is indeed important…but why? Yes you want your processes to be streamlined but what exactly does that mean? If you want to you want to know what these terms mean to your organization then let’s take a look at the numbers—they speak for themselves.

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Reliance 11: Innovating the Product Landscape

Reliance version 11 Infographic

EtQ Reliance version 11 has been released and with it comes a whole host of new features and enhancements for quality, EHS and compliance initiatives.

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How Can We Mitigate Supply-Chain Risk In the QMS?

SUpply Chain

Looking at the scope of where businesses are today, it gets more and more evident that there is a growing, systematic tearing down of informational silos.  This is a good thing - the less division we have on our data means more visibility into all aspects of the business. For processes around Quality Management and Compliance management, this means that we have more information to pull from when we try to mitigate risk and improve compliance.  But for the supply-chain, this continues to evolve.  We are seeing more companies recognizing the impact of the supply-chain on Quality and Compliance, and companies are seeking ways to tear down the silos of information that separate Supplier Quality from our four walls.

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