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EtQ Roundup: A Darwinian Approach to Quality, Three D’s of Technology Evolution and More

Weekly Roundup

What is the common factor in different quality approaches? What are the three D’s of technology evolution? In this week’s roundup, we look into these questions and more, plus we bring you an EtQ flashback—4 Things to Know When Moving Quality Management to the Cloud.

5 Truths About Reporting in Aviation

Truths about reporting in aviation

Once upon a time, reporting was a time consuming task within the aviation industry. Data had to be compiled manually, and it was usually housed in separate point systems that made it difficult—if not impossible—to get to the heart of the larger trends driving the organization.

EtQ Roundup: How Quality Management Solutions Reduce Challenges in Life Sciences, the Importance of Food Traceability and More

Stories of the Week

In this week’s roundup, we look into upstream challenges facing Life Sciences and where automated Quality Management helps, why food traceability is important in the supply chain, the need for an in-depth training program for new hires and, finally, we go beyond safety management with a look into integrated aviation management.

Automate EHS Risk Management and Go Green this St. Patrick’s Day


In the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) industry, the main focus is promoting a work atmosphere that is as safe as can be, while keeping up with regulatory agencies, such as OSHA, and the associated rules and regulations. But when taking a manual approach and attempting to tackle the constant unpredictable battle of achieving overall safety and compliance, the task can be time consuming and, overall, quite exhausting. If this is an issue within your business, there is a solution—the automated EHS System’s Risk Management tool.

EtQ Roundup: Benefits of Audits in an EQMS, New OSHA Rules and More

EtQ Weekly Roundup

EtQ’s weekly roundup helps keep you up to date with industry trends and breaking news for Food and Beverage, EHS, Life Sciences and more.

6 Helpful Tips for Choosing an FSMS Vendor

Tips for Choosing the Right FSMS Vendor

If you’re looking to implement an automated FSMS, you’re probably looking for a solution that comes pre-configured to address the requirements of HACCP, ISO 22000 and the GFSI-benchmarked schemes.

EtQ Roundup: Supply Chain Sustainability, Lessons in Training Management and more

EtQ Top Stories

EtQ’s weekly roundup helps keep you up to date with industry trends and breaking news for Food and Beverage, EHS, Life Sciences and more.

Reducing the Email Burden with an EHS Management System

Reducing the email burden with the EHS

How many emails do you get in an average day? 50? 100? What does that equal over the course of a year? For many people—especially those in management roles or higher—the email burden is huge, sometimes adding up to hundreds of emails daily.

EtQ Roundup: Mobile EHS Management, Top FSMA Challenges and More


EtQ’s weekly roundup helps keep you up to date with industry trends and breaking news for Food and Beverage, EHS, Life Sciences and more. This week we focus on whether mobility is the new normal when it comes to Environmental Health and Safety Management, the FDA’s postmarket surveillance strategy for medical devices and 5 of the top challenges faced when complying with FSMA. We even throw in a little fun at the end with our flashback post where we consider what Star Wars could have learned from Quality Management software.

Traci’s Tidbits: Best Food Safety Practices for Preparing RTE Foods

Traci's Tidbits

When I chose my current profession, I never realized all the doors of knowledge and experience I would open.  The food and beverage industry is a vast and complex system.  We often joke about things like the 5-second rule or being able to kill germs by throwing something in the deep-fryer, but in all seriousness we have been charged with the health and safety of the global community.  That community includes your family, friends, acquaintances and strangers.  When you think about it, the task of food safety seems a bit daunting.

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